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The Effects of Adding Non-Compulsory Exercises to an Online Learning Tool on Student Performance and Code Copying

    1. [1] Universidad de La Rioja

      Universidad de La Rioja

      Logroño, España

  • Localización: Actas de las Jornadas sobre la Enseñanza Universitaria de la Informática (JENUI), ISSN 2531-0607, Nº. 5, 2020, págs. 363-363
  • Idioma: inglés
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    • This study analyzes the impact of adding a review exercises module to an online tool used in a software engi-neering degree program. The objective of the module is to promote students’ self-learning effort to improve theirperformance. We also intend to determine if this new feature has any effect on the amount of code copies detect-ed in lab sessions when using the same online tool. Two groups of students were compared quantitatively: thefirst group used the tool exclusively during lab sessions, whereas the second group had the option of employingthe tool's new module to enhance their study. The tool allows us to collect interesting data related to the focus ofthis research: supplementary work completed voluntarily by students and the percentage of students copyingothers’ code during compulsory lab sessions. The results show that the students in the second group achievedbetter academic results and copied less in lab sessions. In the second group, the students who invested moreeffort in doing revision exercises and copied less in lab sessions obtained better results; and, interestingly, theeffort invested in completing review exercises did not seem to compensate for the learning effort avoided bycopying others’ exercises during lab sessions. The results show the advantages of a tool used with a dual orienta-tion: compulsory and voluntary. Mandatory usage in lab sessions establishes some milestones that, eventually,act as an incentive fostering learning, while voluntary use reinforces students’ perception of the tool's usefulnessin terms of learning

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